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Police Check App

Role: Wireframes, Prototypes, Visual designs, User testing | Year: 2017 | Company: InfoTrack

Providing National Police Check services for consumers

Business problem: Depending on the nature of the business, some corporates must submit a National Police Check and similarly, some job applicants may need to do this as part of their employment requirement. InfoTrack is an accredited provider for police checks, but they did not have a website for this service yet.

Solution: There are standardised questions and proof of identity steps that applicants must complete as part of the police check. There were many questions to be answered, so the app was designed with the customers in mind. Instead of having to complete the form in one go, customers can choose to save their progress so they can finish it in their own time.

As part of the police check process, customers must take photos of their passport or drivers license. Customers can easily use their mobile phone cameras and upload the photos directly to the mobile site. Combining with an easy online checkout experience, customers were able to complete the entire application directly on their mobile. I worked on the user flows, wireframes, design mock-ups and user testing on this app.