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Role: Wireframes, Prototypes, Visual designs, User research & testing | Year: 2017 - 2021

Transforming property settlements from paper to digital

Business problem: When people buy and sell properties across Australia, they will engage with a conveyancer and their financial institution for legal and home loan services. Traditionally on the day of settlement, the exchange of legal documents and settlement cheques takes place in person. Transforming a manual process into a digital experience makes the entire process more convenient and ensures data accuracy for all parties in a settlement transaction.

Solution: Sympli was part of a secret project that I worked on in my previous role at InfoTrack, in collaboration with ASX. About six months into the project, it was announced that we would become our own start-up company. We moved into a small office and this is when I also worked on the company name, branding and setting a design vision for the product.

Working closely with subject matter experts at Sympli, I understood some of the pain points that our customers are having in the conveyancing and banking industry. Based on these learnings, I have created personas and customer journey maps. I have worked on wireframes and sketches, as well as high fidelity designs. These have been validated with stakeholders at feedback sessions and focus groups to ensure the solutions meet user needs and requirements.

As a shared resource across multiple squads, it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of all UI deliverables. To solve this, I’ve created a design system for the teams to use as a reference. This ensures all UI components are consistent, plus it gives me more time to work on solving UX problems.

Please reach out if you would like to see sample works from this project