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Benevolent Society

Role: IA, Design | Year: 2012 | Client: Benevolent Society | Agency: Reactive

Raising brand awareness for Australia's oldest charity

Business problem: Benevolent Society is Australia's longest serving charity. Despite having over 200 years of history, there is very little public awareness. Even within the non-profit and government sectors, there is little understanding about the organisation and what they do.

Solution: After many codesign workshops and working closely with the client, we decided on a new website structure - the site content is divided up into 4 key areas: Learn, Connect, Think and Act. The tone of voice used on the site is friendly, helpful and encouraging. In conjunction with the website redesign, Benevolent Society was also undergoing a brand redesign. The final website design uses an enlarged version of the letters from their new logo, which is then set as background patterns. Each section of the site has its colour palette, which complements the bright and cheerful colours of the new logo.