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World Business Forum

Role: IA, Design, Touchscreens | Year: 2015 | Client: National Australia Bank | Agency: Six Black Pens

Creating a memorable experience for conference attendees

Business problem: The World Business Forum is an annual conference where global and business leaders from diverse backgrounds meet together and share ideas on how to build a better business. Past speakers included Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak and Oliver Stone. National Australia Bank has been the major event sponsor for the past few years. As part of the sponsorship, NAB has an event stand in the foyer area and they wanted to provide conference attendees with a memorable experience.

Solution: Attending conferences can be overwhelming as there are always many new ideas to be remembered, so we've created an interactive touchscreen where attendees can receive key insights from each speaker session without having to worry about taking notes throughout the day. A member of our team attended every session and they took notes of key insights from each speaker. These insights were uploaded in real-time to touchscreens at the event stand in the foyer area.

The event stand included a coffee cart for conference attendees so they can order a coffee during break sessions. Whilst waiting for their coffees, attendees tap on the touchscreens to view live insights, Instagram images and Twitter posts. Once the coffee is ready, they can also find a URL printed on their coffee cup. This link will take them to the mobile responsive site with the same live insights so they can access these anytime and anywhere.