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Screen Australia

Role: IA, Design | Year: 2010 | Client: Screen Australia | Agency: Reactive

Creating a cinematic experience

Business problem: Screen Australia is a government funding body for the Australian screen industry and needed a new website. The client wanted a website that conveys emotions and moods, but Screen Australia did not have very strong branding. The only brand asset I received was their logo and this was all I had to work with.

Solution: This was one of the first projects where I had the opportunity to do co-design workshops with the client. I was involved from the beginning of this project until the end. The first part of the project was the discovery phase: working with the client to finalise a sitemap, content needed for the pages, extra features and functionalities required for the site. Once the ideas were validated by the client, I had to quickly build a simple interactive prototype in Axure. Given the site is all about tv and films, I worked closely with the client on the moodboards to make sure the site's look and feel is as emotional and dramatic as possible. This was a design-only project, so I had to prepare detailed handover notes and liaise with their development team on how the site should be built.