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British and Irish Lions Tour

Role: Design | Year: 2013 | Client: Accenture | Agency: Six Black Pens

Delivering match statistics to rugby fans in real-time

Business problem: Accenture has been appointed as the official technology consulting sponsor to the British and Irish Lions Tour. The consulting firm has an in-house analytics tool that could capture individual player and team performances in real-time. This information is intended to be shared with rugby fans. They have already created 13 sets of match analysis, but their analytics tool could only produce basic graphs and tables. Our team focused on answering how might we present this information in a meaningful and more visually appealing way?

Solution: As a team, we reviewed the data for each match analysis and provided suggestions on areas of improvement for how to best display information to users (when to use bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, tables etc). I led the overall look and feel of the product, and introduced vibrant colours and photographs of the players to the design to address the need to make the product more visually appealing. Keyword search and filters have been introduced so rugby fans can view stats from previous matches or their favourite players.